Does anyone wish this game was multiplayer?

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Does anyone think this game would be awesome online like come on properly would lag like a nothing else knowing that it has to load so bloody much ah well any one have the same opinon? Thnx -GingaODST Also check out my Youtube channel here: ( ) Thnx again. :D
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Yes, i know that the Elder Scrolls: Online will be multiplayer but it will take place 2 eras before skyrim (2E 583), but the skyrim storyline with a multiplayer profile would definetely make the game better. Or the size of the ESO but the same time period (Ex: Tamriel 4E 201)
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Just a simple 2 - 4 player sandbox co-op is all the game ever needed. That... over elder scrolls online. Games gonna bomb hard.

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I've seen a mod that makes Skyrim multiplayer. If anyone is reading this. :P EPIC FAIL! I'm watching the Super Bowl and hafl the frickin' stadium has lst power! WHAT THE F***.