Did Hearthfire made you play Skyrim again?

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I'm playing it on PC btw. and at first I thought it's a pretty stupid DLC because the PC Community can easily mod this stuff in, but then I realised it's really a great Idea and big fun because now you finally have a reason to pile up all the treasures, so you can make money and build your own house from it, design and decorate it....ever since I'm playing Skyrim again like crazy because it just is fun to go on adventures with building and improving your house in mind.

Anyone else feeling like me about it?

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Yeah it did for me too. I play the PC version too, I try to avoid mods tbh because for me they cause a lot of issues (freezing etc) so i've really enjoyed building my new house. Since then I've also comleted a crap load more quests (ones that i couldn't be bothered to do because i've done them all so many times before) and found some new ones too!

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no but it would if it came to PS3
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I don't care about DLC, so no.
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In a word, yes. I've just this week become an Xbox user, I still think my PS3's the better machine though but now I have the best of both worlds :-)
I saw the Hearthfire content & as a pretty much OCD Skyrim addict on the PS3 I HAD to buy Skyrim again for the 360 just for the Hearthfire DLC alone.
I'm really looking forward to traipsing around Skyrim, mithering man, beast & giant again :-)