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I can only get them to epic, I enchanting a ring, necklace, armor, and gauntlet with 27% fortify smithing and I drank a blacksmiths draught, but I could only get them to epic, can I get some help? I also want to add that my Alchemy sucks. If there's a way I can do it without raising that.
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I haven't played Skyrim for a while, but as far as I remember you actually use the grinding wheel to upgrade weapondry. The enchanting talbe is simply for adding enchantments such as fire or ice.

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You need the appropriate perk(s) in the blacksmithing tree in order to upgrade equipment to legendary (max) Enchanting only adds spell effects to equipment, it doesn't let you upgrade the equipment's tier.
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you need a perk for each type of weapons, but if you were talking about Miridia's weapon: Dawnbreaker. Then I had the same problem. It's an ebony sword because you need ebony ignot to upgrade it. I have the ebony perk to upgrade ebony armors and weapons to legendary, but it didn't work for Dawnbreaker. It still can't be upgraded to legendary. I wonder why, maybe because it's a unique weapon