Coolest looking armor?

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So what armor set do you think look the coolest?

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Any armor that makes me look like a fricking viking :D
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So what armor set do you think look the coolest?


deadric armor looks the baddest ass...but dragonplate armor is the strongest

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Personally my favorite has always been Ebony or Daedric.
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No. Daedric is the strongest of all the armors DLC or otherwise. Dragonbone armor is just lighter. Which is pointless since the Comforting perk and Steed Stone negate the weight. So really Daedric armor is the best choice.
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Daedric Armor. It's the most badass looking and has the highest armor rating. Plus if you have the steed stone and/or Comforting perk you can negate the weight.
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i prefer this one



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Yeh, but dragonplate armor looks horrible compared to daedric armor
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Deadric or falmer. Maybe the dark brotherhood armor.