can't find a certain cave

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i've tried looking it up, but to no avail. Basically, i was playing a while ago and found a cavern / cave that had some narrow tunnels and opened into a cavern with a really high ceiling. In this cavern there was a lake / body of water and in the middle of the water, a wide roughly circular rocky column. there were some bandits (i think) and some short wooden bridges from the outer ring of this cavern to the centre (the rocky column). i've got absolutely no idea where it is, but wanted to find it again, it was fun to play through. thanks in advance

also, i have both the dawnguard and dragonborn add ons 

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come on guys it's driving me crazy

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Its Lost Knife Hideout I believe

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@Tokeism: you magnificent son of a bitch! you did it! thanks so much, that was the cave!

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@TRIST4N: No problem, I actually did the quest at the cave by chance earlier in the day, then looked at this forum, it was totally by chance.