Can't Assassinate!

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I made a Wood elf not too long ago, about level 18, skills in stealth, one hand and archery, and no matter how hard I try, I can't preform an assassination or backstab! It just won't work, not a single time! I've tried with one sword in my right hand, dagger, both, it just won't work. What am I doing wrong? Tips?
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What level are you in sneak & one handed? Try using a more powerful blade, i would recommend using mehrunes razor for stealth killing if you're new to the game. It's pretty easy to get a hold of, just look for a walkthrough. The reason you're not performing stealth kills/cinematic kills is because your dagger is too weak, i think if your attack won't kill them the first time it wont happen. Or you could get shrouded gloves which gives you 15x sneak attack damage with daggers, you have to do the dark brotherhood storyline to acquire those. Hope this helped.
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I tried using the elven dagger or the Dwarven sword, no luck. Could it just be the wood elf? Thanks for the advice, I'll take note of that.
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That's weird... When i started stealth, i mostly used the elven dagger and it worked like a charm. I'm not sure if it's because your characters a wood elf, I'm still on my first character so i haven't had any experience with other races, i play as a khajiit and never had any problems with stealth. And when it comes to stealth attacks i don't think swords are the best thing, i either use dual wielded daggers or a bow. It might just be your levels in sneak and one handed are low. Level them up a bit more and then in no time you will be slitting those bandits throats without being detected in no time. Here's a guide to help you even further ( :D
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Haha Thank you!