Beside Skyrim , they are other great games out there

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I want to introduce to you all ,one of the best MOBA games since Dota (Defends of the Ancients ) a map of Warcraft 3 . *League of Legends (LoL) * If you were familiar with Dota or HoN before , then this game is the best in that category . You have so many mechanics and tons of new Heroes (Champions) every 2 weeks and honestly i never encountered some bugs that made the game unplayable , it is user friendly with step by step guide how to learn to play the game . So overall a really nice game , you should try it if you haven't yet . Here is the link for the Website of LoL , you can choose in a field where you wanna play in North America or Europe West / North & East . :
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actually, skyrim is the only game i've ever heard of

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Could we get this removed? It just seems like a guy trying to plug his game.....
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league of legends is a fkin borring mmo