Are the mods worth the PC version ? I'm already bored of Vanilla Skyrim

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When Skyrim came out I bought it for PS3 because my pc sucked.

Since then I made 3 characters and made one male nord warrior, one female breton magician and one khajiit thief/assassin. I pretty much finished every quest in the game with these characters at least one time.


I've became bored with Skyrim PS3 version ? With Fallout 3 and NV I played those games until exhaustion. I played Fallout 3 until NV came out, and NV until Skyrim came out. I must have made around 7 characters for each game and I never got tired of it.

I wonder if I enjoyed Fallout so much because of the quests,factions and karma system (I had a blast doing characters with different alignments, from psycopaths to philanthropic scientists) or if it was because I played it with mods since they were available.


So I came here to ask for some opinions. Do you guys think the mods that have been released are able to make Skyrim exciting again ? Are there mods to make Skyrim more Fallout-ish in regards to quests/factions/karma ?

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I played Skyrim when it came out until I got bored.Most of the time I was just wandering around and exploring.I never even came close to beating the game I had so much fun doing my own thing.I just started to mod the game and playing it again.Most of the mods I installed are to make it look better.There are alot of mods out there and you could probably find alot you like.If you like Skyrim I would say spend the $50. to get it on pc for the mods.I'm still playing Fallout 3 & New Vegas (without mods) and it seems there is so much more for me to do and I've spent hundreds of hours playing them without ever completing those stories.I just love open world type games and I can relate to your experiences with those games.Maybe go and look at some mods to see if there are any you like.Sorry to ramble on.
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I think the mods available for Skyrim, and the ones thatll show up later should make it a much better game than vanilla, think they botched too many features and mechanics with Skyrim that really need to be fixed by mods and couldnt imagine playing it vanilla. Allmost like they intentionally released it half done knowing the modding community would eventually fix it up. I never thought of Oblivion like that, that game felt really polished as a vanilla title allready, mods just made it better. As for the Fallout series, i allways used mods so cant comment on the vanilla aspects, but theyre just as addictive as Oblivion, but i prefered Oblivions immersion abit more answer: Skyrim needs mods, and the mods will get better and keep showing up, highly recommend upgrading your graphics for it
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mods add to the game but i wouldnt expect a new experiance unless you have a great pc and download lots of visual and gamechanging mods.

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mods can add to the fun factor, they can add to the experience, they can add more time messing around with simple things you might have overlooked

so if any of that applies to you, then yes

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I got bored with my first character as I power leveled him pretty quickly and basically made him a God. Got boring one hitting most stuff and everything but certain casters would barely hurt me. I recently made a new character and am just leveling normally and find it extremely addictingly fun again. I haven't touched any mods yet. Maybe this approach will help assuming you haven't already tried it.

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Yes. I upgraded my PC and bought the game ($150) and I think it keeps the game new and fresh.

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This mod alone trumps the vanilla version. :) but seriously, i played vanilla skyrim for the longest time on xbox even though i also got it for PC because I knew eventually the mod community would make the game SO much better then the developers did. (although i still appreciate the great game it is) If you want to expand the variety and quantity/quality of your quests, items, visuals, spells, armor, weapons, enemies, and pretty much anything you can think of (and some things you probably couldn't) then (if you have a PC that can run skyrim) you owe it to yourself to try out all the great mods that the community has put out there for everyone. :) Long story short, Yes, the mods are absolutely worth getting the PC version of the game if your computer can handle it.