After having played 100 hours ...

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I must say I start to like the game more and more. The first hours I played this game I was very hesitant about it. I liked it but was not really that impressed. It seems the more hours I put into it, the more I start to value this game. This is something Oblivion was not able to pull off with me. Also I bought a house in Whiterun; so I can finally store my loot. That is literally the first thing you have to do with your gold. Buy a goddamn house. The central location on Skyrim map makes it an ideal starting point to venture the entire world. There seems to be no end to this game though. I have only ventured near Rivenwood, Falkreath and Whiterun. I am also expanding my barriers near Rorikstead. There are so many dungeons to clear. I don't even know where to start to be honest. So I am going to clear this triangle area first. Which locations should I visit last if I want to keep the best for last? The only minus point this game has, is some balancing issues with the monster difficulties. Everything is mostly fine except dragons might be a tad too easy. Although I have only encountered the normal dragons so far. And bandit leaders seem to be overpowered, capable of killing me in 2 hits. In some situations I can make use of cheap tactics to take them out.
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And your in for alot more my friend. Thats not even the tip of the iceberg. Im on my second play through. I got my first up to lvl 60 and havent even started the main quest. Steam cloud corrupted everything so i had to start over. My advise... just wander. Dont stick yourself to one qustline and for the love of god  use the carriges only to fast travel.  Its alot more immersive and you get way more exp.  Dont worry about whats hard. Once your character gets strong everything will be easy. And if u have this for Pc mods open the game up in ways you cant imagine. End game content for one. 

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And you haven't even tried mods yet. I played through the game and beaten it on my first play through for about 40-50 hours and now I'm on my 120-160 hour mark with mods. ^^^ Yeah, I REALLY need to stop fast travelling because it does make the game pretty damn boring.
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Fast travel is like a religion to my character, haha. The moment I finally walked a long journey, I ran from three trolls, murdered a wandering hunter and her dog, and finally force-shouted two bears down a hill and right into some hunters' camp-- BEARS-2 SLAUGHTERED HUNTERS-0