About Skyrim

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I was wondering if I should buy this game or not.
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Yes, it's awesome. If you're a PC gamer, now would be a good time as it's on sale this weekend via Steam.

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Definitely go out and buy it! I am not normally a huge RPG fan, and i had played morrowind and didn't like it at all so i was alil hesitant to go buy this. But i can say hands down my favorite game to date! The graphics are really good, the world of syrim is goreous the storyline is compelling there is an endless array of quests and side quests to do. It may be alil buggy at times but its easily overlooked when you see how great the game is! I have played since launch and still have found quests and town i have overlooked, so i would definitely tell you to buy it! There isn't any other games out right now that can really be compared to this its just a really solid game!!