The Elder Scrolls Online - Petition

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As you probably know, Bethesda announced that ESO will have a subscription based business model. Many, like me, won't be able to afford a monthly fee just for one game, especially if you will also be paying for the PS4 or X1 online service.

If you are a Elder Scrolls fan, and want this game to be a one time buy, then help the case and sign these petitions:

#2 Posted by jonaadams (110 posts) -

No one cares enough to sign a petition. They just won't buy it and will buy something else instead. $240 for your first year is how much it will cost you. 60+$15 (12 Mo)

#3 Posted by ParisHilton1Fan (1071 posts) -

This isn't going to work. Get a job.

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I don't mind the monthly fee. Its the freaking paywalls on top that has me fuming.

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If you're an Elder Scrolls fan. You'd stay away from this game