Really, REALLY sorry I paid a 6 month subscription

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I was an idiot. I love the Elder Scrolls series, I beta tested the online game, I was truly anxious for the launch.

Monsters are hugely overpowered. In single instances where you can't get help. Worse than that however, is that Zenimax is exerting ZERO control over spammers selling in-game gold for real cash. You want to talk to people in-zone? You want to seek teammates? Interested in joining a guild? Having problem with a quest you can't beat? If you try to send out a message in-zone to seek out teammates or just someone to help you out, your message is instantly overwritten by spammers wanting your cash for gold. I was a sucker. I paid for a 6 month subscription, and I feel used. No, raped. $177 for a 6 month subscription to a game that is unplayable to people who want community. Zenimax has overpowered their solo player instances, and totally fails to police the chat users. I'm done. Have fun with the money you stole from me Zenimax, I'm reloading Skyrim on my PC, and I'm telling everyone I know to avoid your product.

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To clarify: Say you're an 11th level character with a mission to retrieve some swords from some 10th level ghosts. This is an MMO, right? You keep getting wasted by the ghosts in the course of your mission. You send out a zone chat asking if anyone else wants to help. Your zone help request is immediately overridden by some jackass with a monster post advertising gold for cash. Continuously. These a**holes have their message on auto-repeat. There is no way to ask for assistance, or possibly link up with a group, because Zenimax lets them broadcast non-stop. The single-player boss monsters? Dosia for example. She's an 8th level monster, my 11th level Redguard can't kill her. I finally got to where I just can't advance. This is stupid, I'm done.

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I'm enjoying the game a lot. Huge world and deep crafting.

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You do realize you can cancel your subscription right now and not get charged right? It isn't "stealing" if you are actually willingly gave money away, it is probably more "stupidity" on your part. The solo instances are too easy, maybe you need to work on your gear and build? Instead of blaming the game maybe you need to work on getting better? I myself love the game thus far, and am glad to pay a 3 month sub.

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Actually, I got back into the game again this past Friday, and glad that I did. The spamming in the chat doesn't seem too extreme, I managed to do a group dungeon quest, and have leveled up considerably. Some of the boss fights are extremely frustrating, and one of them took probably 10 tries for me to get through, but I am enjoying the game.

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Your character's build is very important in this game. Easy to mess it up and struggle in PVE. You can always cancel and come back later when more things are ironed out and balanced.

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I feel the same way. I didn't pay out for the longer subscription though. I have already canceled my month-to-month sub. I might revisit the game in a year or so, but probably not. It is justtoo boring for me.

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I cancelled my sub today. It's too bad, I had really hoped to get more than 2 months out of the game, but it was still worth the price.

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Tell me about it. I'm really Really sorry I paid for 2 months. After my free play I think I'll be finished in one more month including the additional free time ZOS gave all of us. I did have the nerve to ask for more free play time since we are still beta testing the game for them.