If you put a black bar of tape across the words "Elder Scrolls"...

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...I never would have guessed this chudly game had anything to do with the franchise what-so-ever. It looks as though GS just googled "generic, 4 year old adventure rpg" and posted the image results. Either that, or they built an elaborate time machine for the express purpose of traveling 2 years into the future, and high-jacking some piece of crap, free to play cartoon network kid friendly MMO based off their new 2014 hit series, "Adventures in Dragonrealms".

When the rumors of an Elder Scrolls MMO started floating around the internet, I don't think I'd be mistaken in assuming the excitement behind it was that it would be like Skyrim with FRIENDS. A tall order, to be sure, but amazing if they could pull it off. If they're simply assuming the success from Skyrim will carry over into whatever garbage they decide to haphazardly roll out, however, they'll be sadly mistaken. 

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Now aren't you a source of positive energy...
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Skyrim is but one Elder Scrolls game, this will be another Elder Scrolls game, and it will still be fun like all of the Elder Scrolls games.
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exactly. it pisses me off when people use a much later game in a series and act like it was the first one. people are like "duuuurrr, what does the "V" mean on the box?" and then its explained and they are like "duuuurrrr, why is there so much more snow than in oblivion?"

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I own every one of the games (besides the two spin-offs), and they are all very high quality experiences. We should all hope for the best in this next chapter of the Elder Scrolls.
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I never would have guessed it either, OP....


Except for the fact that the game allows you to play all the races that have always been provided in every TES game.

Except for the fact that the skill and level up system is similarly close to being exactly the same as Skyrim.

Except for the fact that every story and character in the game is heavily invested within the elaborately detailed lore of TES series.

Except for the fact that a lot of the places that have been shown look almost exactly the same as their SP counterparts.

Except for the fact that the gameplay and combat is almost identical to that found in Skyrim and Oblivion.

Except for the fact that everything about it other than the name screams TES.

... Yeah... I never would have guessed it either.

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You are aware that I posted that almost two years ago, correct? One year and nine months, or 21 MONTHS, to be accurate. That's 21 MONTHS worth of screen shots, dev commentary, and beta testing that DID NOT EXIST when I posted in response the the original Elder Scrolls Online trailer. Perhaps you can build yourself a time machine and deliver your very impressive "future knowledge" in response to my post when your argument may have actually been relevant.

While you're at it, you may want to use your new found mastery of time travel to warn your young and impressionable mother against the hazards of drinking wild turkey and huffing glow-in-the-dark Krylon while pregnant : D