a game that you should own becuase it rocks

One of the best games ever created. Everyone knows this already, but I just felt like joining in and becoming part of the many people who think this time tested classic is one of the best games ever made. Hey, if Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 got a perfect score, shouldn't Ocarina get like a 15 out of 10. Last time I checked, almost no one has spent even over 40 hours playing that barely updated quickly dieing franchise. Anyways, I just couldn't stop thinking about how perfect the game-play is. The Hyrulian world is so well put together; it's like a living breathing place where you don't have one linear option to just go through the storyline. No other adventure game has come close to this greatness, not even Rayman 2, Conker's BFD, Mario 64, or Yoshi's Island. Everything has already been said about this game, so you know....uh, just buy it, steal it, or do whatever it takes to get this game. That is all.