forget your girlfriend,forget your life,re5 came.enjoy.

when i started playing this game,it all becames clear.re5 is fun,addictive game with great graphics and great sound with fantastic gameolay.youl be playing this game for long time,because when you finish game,you can upgrade weapons and collect figurines and bonuses.i forgot to tell,when you upgrade your weapons to max,you can unlock infinite ammo for that weapons.when you pass game,you will unlock mercenaries mod.now bad and good things.
bad:sistem of shooting(that is not important to me,i love that sistem)but everyone will like it(dont).there is no fear.
good:graphics,enemies,story,sound,wapons,bonuses,trophies,level desing and of course SHEVA(most beautifull women in games).that is all.it laks fear,but fun is bigger than ever.this is best re.it is bigger,funnier than all other re games.so remember,buy this game.capcom made another bestseller that will get new horde of fans.head to africa,with sheva of course.oh,and there is groundbreaking co-op mode whic is so so so fun and you can play with your friend,of course.so head to africa,with sheva of course.thank to you,CAPCOM.