this is ok but the camera is very uncoopprative

With Sonic Adventure 2 Battle, you get 3 very distinct gameplay variations, Sonic and Shadow give you the tried-and-true speed levels; with Tails and Dr. Eggman you play a 3rd person shooter using mech-type vehicles. The 3rd style is a "treasure hunt" with Knuckles and Rogue where you are able to freely explore a level in an attempt to locate hidden jewel pieces.

While having 3 distinct gameplay styles, one glaring flaw is evident throughout the game. The camera is frustrating! In certain levels, the camera forces itself to view in one direction, and you have little to no control over it. While it is fine in some of the more linear levels, it is frustrating in others if you want to try to see what is off the beaten path. For example, if you try to rotate the camera (using L/R on the controller) in one of Tails' or Eggman's levels, as soon as you let go of the button, the camera will snap right back to the default view.

If you can live with this limitation of the camera, the gameplay is really enjoyable. There is plenty of variation in the level design, although none are overly hard. There is a little adjustment when you have to switch from one character's level to the next, but most things are picked up quite easily.