great game never ending fun just great

This game is a great game. i love to play this game. theres so mmuch to do adn the wifi makes it even better.

im just gonna give you people a few tips who have the game to get some. u can thank the strategy guide for this.

if you want some cash fish and sell the fis to tom nook
here are some good ocean fish to catch if u need money(theese are all ones that i have caught there more but ill let u find out by buying the guide and giving nintendo wut it deserves)

red snapper- worth 3000 bells
seahorse-worth 1100 bells
clownfish- worth 650 bells
Berred knifejaw-worth-5000 bells

then threre are some good river fish like koi, chars, rainbow trout, and many others but ill let u find out for yourself or you can buy the guide.