gamespot gave sonic a harsh score. But i can see where there getting at...

Sonic is back, and with the planet plit in two, and the chaos emeralds spazzing out, the whole wrolds gone to hell....no not really, but sonics now a erm....werehog?
yeah that's what i thought too.
following up from Sonic the Hedgehog, this game really had to bring back the Sonic thunder...but didn't quite deliver what most fans wanted


. Impressive graphics.
. Sonic's speed has been upgraded.....a lot!!!
. voice acting's better in Japanese.
. Brings back bits of the 2D Sonic that we used to love *and hate at times*


. Gameplay mechanics are pretty darn awefull.
. Camera seems a tad bit messed up when coming from 2D to 3D
. horrible world character designs....seriously this is Sonic not some lame ass game.
. Level design doesn't do it for me, and i find myself falling...a lot!!
. Still no physics with water, or anything that i may fall onto.
. I find myself thinking...why do i just go right through the water/floor?
. World graphics are quite awefull, only Sonic truely looks nice.
. Doesn't quite mix in the aspects of 2D and 3D very well.
. Bad story line.
. Bad character movement *during cutscenes*

over all though...i thought the game was OK. Nothing more, nothing less.
If Sega truely want to bring back Sonic the Hedgehogs well profound fame and glory, and he had 15 years ago. Then they really need to listen to what fans want.
And what i want is.

. Improve gameplay mechanics
. Go back to the Sonic adventure days ¬_¬
. keep the mix between 2D and 3D, but please...blend it well.
. Improve the camera movement.
. Be a little more serious with your story line, no more transformations into the werehog.
. Get rid of the horrible world characters.
. Little bit more serious looking robots...and not things that look like toys.
. Improve stage layouts.

And i can honestly say..that's AAAALLLL i want from Sega.