Give up developing games Spark Unlimited

Oki I heard that there was a new "great" game from spark unlimited then I started to get suspicious and here is the reason why:
After the turning point fall of liberty game (i did my own review on that too) I promised myself that any game they produced in the future by spark unlimited would be rented first and thank god I did that with Legendary.

The starts of with an art dealer that gets tricked into stealing pandoras box and when he opens it it unleashes many horrible creatures(yeah sounds like blockbuster to me too) ,anyway it seems that the writers of this game came together in a brainstorming event and just decided that this and that should be in the game.

And without giving serious thought of how they should put this together it just ends up being a total mess, we have werewolves,ghosts,magical powers and "intense" firefights.
And to me they could have done better ALOT better this game like turning point seems to be a good idea poorley executed and when I read who developed the game it didnt surprise me at all.

So allthough it may be a little harsh I am pissed that I wasted the money renting it.