This game should only be played by whoever designed it. It is the crappiest, biggest piece of garbage I've ever played.

This game is extremely repetitive. It gets boring right away. All the characters have a long learning curve with their moves. You can't stop and turn in the middle of a blow. It is like a continuation foul in pro basketball. Once you committed to hit a monster in front of you, any other monster can really hurt you from behind. It is quite tedious the way characters increase their HP. Most of their magic (psypher crap) is quite useless. You could basically break your system while playing a character such as Mercedes. That damn reload crap cannot allow you to obtain a good rating most of the time. I wouldn't recommend it at all. I tried playing patiently, but I finally got very upset with it after trying to eliminate a boss named Beldur who you have to hit from behind but the sucker keeps teleporting and constantly using magic. Mercedes is soooooo slow to react and can easily get dizzy, burned, frozen, poisoned, and etc. that is quite unbelievable. So, I broke that damn game. Atlus and Criware really sucked on this one. Do not buy nor rent it this game. Just ignore it and save yourself some money and sanity.