Green Lantern Rise of The Manhunters is the game of the blockbuster movie.

In general movie gamers are terrible. It all started with E.T from the Atari 2600 and a whole lot more made it terrible. A few exceptions like Goldeneye 007 were great but most were fail. Green Lantern on the other hand was an ok side-scrolling beat-em-up. You beat up different kind of robot's that blast. To be honest I kinda remembered iron man with these guy's. Anyway the game play is very average turning Ryan Reynolds to a cartoonish Green lantern. You have moves like punch,blast,pound,shield and even capture the enemy itself i mean it is automatically removed when you hit them but it's a pretty effective move. You also have special abilities like sword twirling and invisibility. You're fellow green lanterns will give you health and special attack bar if you're in trouble. It's a good feature to help younger players. The graphics looked like it was ported from a DS game and everybody knows a 3DS can do better what the graphics of this game has to offer.But the game is pretty fun it's quite fun to hack and slash robot enemies to death plus the flight mission was pretty cool. But the game for $30 it think is a little reasonable for some of the minimum content and game play they have you you to offer so it's a little hard to recommend to people since it's not that good but the game is not bad. If you love comic books and a huge fan of green lantern pick this up. If you like side-scrolling beat-em-up games give this one a try. Other than that just save you're money for better titles. So green lantern rise of the manhunters is an average game thanks for reading the review.