Chaos Theory is a fun game full of heart thumping moments. Definatley the best Splinter Cell so far.

Splinter Cell Chaso Theory is a must-have for action thrill seakers. I have never like stealth games...in fact I despise them, but Splinter Cell has something that other stealth games dont have, and im not quite sure what it is.

If you liked the previous Splinter Cell games then this is a must buy. It's well-worth the money. Chaos Theory has built on many of the gameplay elements from the past games in the series, such as more open ended gameplay. However, the open-ended gameplay is consists of picking one of three kits to use during the mission (Stealth, Assault, or Redding's Recomendation (little o' both)), and when playing a mission you get to usually pick hallway A or B, which usually end up in the same place, you just encounter different enemies. Most of the time going down one hall will have its advantages and disadvantages, but it sometimes seems pointless.

The graphics are, of course, some of the greatest graphics in current-gen. The frame rate is good and hardly ever glitches during th game. Online is fun, but versus is actuall nothing like it should be, in my opinion. I'll admit its fun at times and seems to be popular with LIVE users, but the co-op is more of my liking. Versus is basically 2v2 (spies v mercs) where you either steal/destroy or guard, depending on what side your on. In my opinion versus should be one or two spies against many mercs, and the objectives should differ, making it more like the campaign...but, again, that's just my opinion.