Morrowind Tutorials (Part One) - Standard Installation Tutorial (For Mods)

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I had written a blog post about a year ago when I installed Morrowind for the PC. MANY hours were put into perfecting my installation. Here I am about a year later, rewriting my original post. A lot of information was updated, and expanded upon. This is a very detailed "tutorial" of how to properly install Morrowind if you intend to use mods (or do any modding yourself. The only thing missing from this post (which'll be edited in today or tomorrow) is details on my controller platform (Pinnacle Game Profiler). I'll be editing this post sometime tonight/tomorrow to include details about that....besides that, this post is done. Next i'm starting on a follow up post that'll be the second half of my installation. It'll describe all the modules that I download, how I download them and what steps were taken to make them "play nice" with each other. 'll be starting on that tonight or tomorrow and should wrap it up in a day or two.