My first RPG for the DS, and it's a good first impression :)

Let me start with the bad with the bad, the sound ( acting voices ) are horrific in the beginning then improve to just bad towards the end. Hero keeps saying " you never know until" you try over and over and you constantly have to wander around your castle and talk too a specific person in the grand ball room to start the new mission. Easy to kind of get lost in certain parts as well. But the anime scenes they use to show off certain parts of the story are great!! I'm actually curious to see if there is a video or DVD to go with this game. Setting up for big battles with multiple teams are fun, gearing up and switching weapons amongst characters is a great advantage to your squad. Team up attacks are very well executed and designed. Only a few monsters and the last boss are some what difficult so the game is a breeze. But your responsible for leveling up your new recruits. Story line is interesting and the game promises 40+ hours, but leveling up all your characters to be all equally ready for big battles took me 50+ hours to complete, which was basically about 3 and a half weeks.