The master thief returns with an all new look!

If you have ever played any of the Sly Cooper games for Sony's previous home console, the PS2, then you know the history of the mischievous Sly. If you haven't played them before, then now is a very good time to dive in.

Sly Cooper is a raccoon. Yes, a raccoon; but not just any raccoon, a world class thief raccoon. Sly comes from a long line of other world class thieves that have passed down their tricks and secrets in a book labeled "The Thievius Raccoonus." When Sly was small, he was a witness to his parents death from a group called The Fiendish Five. He was sent to an orphanage where he met his lifelong friends, Bentley (a mastermind turtle) and Murray (a strong, hilariously dumb hippo).

This is where the story of Sly Cooper comes unraveled. Through all three games you experience many, many missions with not only Sly, but Bentley, and Murray too, as well as a few guest appearances. The missions vary from pickpocketing, to taking recon photos, to carrying our the dozens of brilliant plans Bentley puts together. You also get to jump into quite a few different areas and maps, all which have unique things about them, with different tips, tricks, and clue bottles to find. All of it is also re-imaged to fit todays standards, so they look a lot better than their PS2 releases.

Besides the 3 great games you get access too, you also get some bonus mini games. Four to be exact, all which are up to four players, and are surprisingly entertaining. They aren't mini games which can be played for hours, but they add a nice touch and add some unique fun to the trilogy.

For Playstation Move lovers, I recommend this game because everything that comes in the Sly Cooper Collection is compatible with the Playstation Move. Mini games and all. I would also recommend this to trophy lovers, as you get access to 3 platinum trophies and multiple gold trophies, all which are pretty easy to obtain.

The best news though, is you get access to a video that gives hints towards a now confirmed Sly Cooper 4. This has been a long time waiting for a lot of fans of the series(including myself), considering the third game was made in 2005.

Bottom line, the series is great. It combines action packed stealth with a great story line, and a nice, not to hard, not to easy game play. You can easily play the game for hours on end, or for 10 minutes at a time and have a good time either way. The Sly Cooper series is in the rankings of Jak & Daxter and Rachet and Clank. So make sure to pick up the Sly Cooper Collection for only $30, and look forward to Sly Cooper 4. Keep your fingers crossed for a quick release!