A great artstyle, easy controls and a variety of weapons and bosses make this game a bloody good arcade!

User Rating: 9 | The Dishwasher: Vampire Smile X360
Without having played or even knowing about the prequel 'Dishwasher Dead Samurai' I jumped right into the game.

This Arcade features 2 characters: The Dishwasher and The Prisoner. Whoever you pick, blood will be shed.

-The Plot

The plot isn't anything special. It's your basic revenge/avenge story, they kept it simple and it was easy to keep up with for the most part. I noticed some elements of the first Dishwasher returned but it's nothing to be worried about.


The controls are really smooth. The dashing/teleporting to your enemies makes the game fast paced. They even added a slow-motion effect when you dodge at the last second. It doesn't happen too often so it won't become annoying or slow down your gameplay. Sometimes you lack space to move which could potentially get you killed, which doesn't occur on many places but can still be a pain.

There's a good number of bosses to fight. Some being freaks, some being funny, some making no sense. Anything fits within this games' sick theme of murder and attention to blood.

The difficulty settings are good. Playing on normal can even be challenging at times, but not stressful. You can learn from your mistakes as there's no worries about dying because the checkpoints are frequent and well placed.


You come across some 'awesome' weapons. I don't want to spoil too much but who doesn't like the sound of a chainsaw and minigun? Aside from having a good variety of weapons, they also come with each of their own finishing moves and upgrades.

The speed at which you acquire these weapons is perfect, just when you're done trying combo's with your big cleaver and scythe you get a big syringe to play with! The upgrading could use some work though, as I barely ever get the chance to do so, or don't have the money when the upgrading robot is available.

-Linear or Open World?

The game is really linear, you can't really go down a different path and end up fighting a different boss. There are collectibles to be found though, which won't be waiting for you on your usual one-way route. Go to the occasional off-road sections and you might find yourself an item to help you fight evil and fill your thirst for more bloodshed. Maybe even a set of 3-D glasses to play the game in 3-D.

Oh and there's some guitar hero action for some extra upgrading points, which you will very much need! It's a fun minigame but it does stop the actual gameplay which, I'd imagine, would bother some people.

Final Thoughts

The fast action, brutal kills, blood, smooth controls, variety of weapons, combo's and bosses overshadow the negative points for the most part. Although the lack of space to fight in and a rather slow upgrading system will occasionally get to you.

Overall a-must-have Arcade game for a decent price!