Great mix of action adventure and FPS, backed by good music, a fantastic atmosphere and a superb story!!

User Rating: 8 | The Darkness PS3
Overall, I found this a quite interesting game, mostly a FPS but with a nice bunch of twists and original extra's. The music is great, the extra abilities of the Darkness are awesome and very original and the story is quite original and really owns you.

Also, the complete atmosphere of the game, certainly when sitting in a dark room, playing this game late in the evening, is great. You really feel yourself fighting mobsters and crooks and visiting weird places.

Some minor points to be improved:
- AI of the bad guys is not too smart
- the best gun is the pistol you get in the beginning, a bit strange
- it's to not too difficult, all though you spend more than enough hours playing it (but I am not the best gamer, so ...)
- aiming on enemies is going a bit too smooth and easy.
- mind the rating, it's really not for kids, they won't sleep for some time...

As a conclusion, a great singe player game, once you start, difficult to stop with enough original items to continue enjoying it. It's the first game I completely played out on my PS3!!!

If you find one, buy it and enjoy it