One of the most unappreciated games ever.

User Rating: 8.5 | The Darkness PS3
You play professional hitman Jackie Estacto. You are a man that always gets his man no matter what it takes. But you also are a man with a heart, a man that could change his ways and settle down with his innocent girlfriend Jenny. With this internal struggle within the protagonist and possibly one of the best scripts that holds up to the movies, it makes a very enjoyable playing experience. It's a roller coaster ride that flows seamlessly and intensely.

The premise of the gameplay is to douse the world into darkness before you unleash hell on your foes. The Darkness powers you posses are intense, gory, sickening, and for some unknown reasons to this reviewer hilarious at points. The only downside to these is that they are very linear in powerups and you really can't see the full potential of these until the final act of the game. Another weak but not crucial side of the game is the gunplay. They don't really live up to more intense firefights in the gaming world but leaves you open to use your powers instead. When the powers are at their full extent your feel like a one man army that could conquer the world if you so felt like it. Too bad that isn't an option.

The whole design of the game is gorgeous but linear again. You really do sit back and look at the texture and detailing in everything within this game. The whole of New York is a great setting and the skyline is a wonder to behold. But the linear gameplay is a pain. You travel way to long to find your next objective and then it's only a few minutes there before you are trekking to another area. It's a pain.

The gameplay is weak. But the powers are a great draw to this game, you feel empowered yourself thinking things you wouldn't before playing this game. You are draw into a story that rivals most other mediums in the world, stack this against your favorite story arc from your favorite comic book and this will probably beat it or come very close. The ending is so mind screwing that you really think about if you did things different then it would come out different. Then you play it again to see if it does. Highly recommend just for the that.