A great game FPS sci-fi game by Starbreeze....

User Rating: 9.2 | The Darkness PS3
This, at its core is a first person shooter that plays exactly like other shooters, except you are the darkness. This game lets you be the horror, instead of facing it. You will strike fear in hearts. Here is a few examples of the power you get. You recieve the ability to grow semi-tentacles out of your back once you've been in shadow long enough. This ability allows you rip people apart and eat them, take alot more damage than usual, makes you a little faster, makes you blend into shadows more, you can send them through the shadows to go places you can't go and to spot for enemies. You also get the ability to summon things called darklings. They help you beat puzzles and help you to fight.

There are a variety of darklings to choose from and vary the aspects a little bit. Later in the game you recieve the power to create dark portals. This is a interesting power because it sucks everybody into it. The shooting in the game is better than some but its equal to most. The AI in this game is pretty sharp at some points and can get intense.

In order to build up power to use your powers you must enter the shadows for a set amount of time. Since shadows are all over the place, its not very hard to do. The game in total is about 10 hours, plus the story is good enough to play it more than once. The online multiplayer is fun for a while but gets old fast. In the online you play as a human who can turn into a darkling, but neither is greatly interesting. If your looking for the next huge multiplayer game, this one is probably not going to be it.

The sound in the game is good, but not great enough to be considered "next gen" sound. The characters in the game also love to use hand motions. Why? Who knows. This is not a big issue, but its kind of wierd.

The graphics in this game are great, but the lighting isn't as good as the 360 version. Everything looks clean for the most part as far as the environments go. It also looks really great to tear the enemies into bloody hunks with your powers. But hence the name "the darkness" you'll need to be in shadow and in dark areas alot to charge your powers.

Its not the hardest game, but the difficulty is pretty good and stays intense. The powers definetly is the selling point for the game. Like i said before, this time you get to be the horror villian which is a great aspect. This game has a open city and not linear plot. Alot of the city isn't used as much as you would probably want though. There are also times where you don't go around killing things constantly. Like a mission where you visit family.

If your into FPS with a sci-fi kick to it, this could be your game. All of you online multiplayer fans, probably won't be unbelievably thrilled with the multiplayer. So if thats why you want it, you might want to avoid it. This game is absolutely worth a rental, but makes a great purchase. All in all i give the darkness a 9.2