Perfect in all aspects. Don't miss this game!

User Rating: 10 | The Darkness II PC
The Darkness II is like a good polished diamond. It has a great story with psycho elements, you can get confused easily. Gameplay is excellent, no complains here. You can tear enemy with your demonic arms, kill them with a gun, throw a bucket or metal strips to them, also later you can get more abilities, like use swarm of insects, use energy instead of bullets or drop vortex that will suck all around it. But that's not it, you can grab enemy to perform one of four finishing moves, which will grant you different bonus, like health, ammo, shield or faster restore your abilities. It's a nice bloodbath with good variety of gameplay. But I didn't liked the autoaim function, which works even on hardest difficulty and can't be turned off. It helps you when you use a controller, but otherwise it is a nuisance. Slow motion headshot are pretty damn cool, you get the time to looks around for the next enemy. Sounds are done nicely, not like in other games, where if you stand far from talking person you barely hear him. Also killing squishy sounds are cool and of course you will like the "darkness" voice, I can hear it even now! Through the game a darkling demon will help you in some situations, you can even get control of it in some parts of the game. It's about 5-6 hours of gameplay that won't leave you disappointed, the ending will make you excited. One con I found in this game is that there are too many names starting letter J - Jenny, Johny, Jimmy, Jackie, it's annoying. But anyway a game is worth of your time and money.