Brainless action, no adventure, lousy shooting can't make up for seemingly good story and cinematic.

User Rating: 4 | The Darkness II PC
At first you will sit back and enjoy what the game throws at you ,but as the game progresses the cinematic will drive you up the wall. There was nothing so cool about it, more so I was pissed they made cinematic so much better than the game. I so much wanted to use my claws to more freely. But just could not.

Some levels were way too hard. Only if you could play insanely quick with claws and shoot and dodge at the same time you have some chance.

Relics were too easy to find, game environment way too simple and linear. Only an idiot would miss the relics. So no adventure.
No pleasure of finding secret items.

Game AI was so rock bottom, enemies attacking like zombies who can shoot. As you play it boils down to multitasking claw, guns and dodging without any fun.

I find graphics very Borderlands like, which was much more fun to play.

Also mafia-dark style was too plain and predictable.Would have wanted it to be more like sci-fi. The darkness was not scary at all.

At the end you have a hole in your heart for not having done what you wanted to do in the game.Very disappointed, struggled to complete the game. A let down.
Maybe it would have been great for console but not for PC.

Can't handle it any more man ...