the one of the best action, fps, rpg game, awsome graphics, lots of talents to unlock, relics to collect, simple control

User Rating: 10 | The Darkness II PC
simply beautifull, story is pretty awsome, based on comic book, powers are amazing, with full unlocked game (and gore patch), game is like one awsome movie, with all time action and few unexpected twists...what more to say...this is must have esspecially if you finished The contains previusly feature, but first part is what is missing on PC to complete the story...makes me sad because that...besides that game is a lot of fun, bloody, few fun scenes and great storyline...i hope that they make The Darkness 3 for the PC of course...Angelous is awsome, if they make the game where you can play with Jenny as Angelous, and also with Jackie that whould be pretty only regret is that the game is way too short, you can finis it in a few hours, if you not collecting relics, with relics you have 10 hours of gameplay or so, witch are prettty good "boost" for purchase talents.When you have all the talents, all relics, awsome thing is that you have all the chapters availabe in new game +, a lot of new games thosen't have that feature, witch is in a word sad, in a lots of games i had to backup saves to play samething that i passed already (Batman Arkham City for example) witch is awsome game too, one of my favorites, but when you finished all missions, side missions, you are left to wonder city, fight bad guys and changing to catwoman, all thou you can play riddler's revenge, predator or fight darkness you can after finishing the game play all chapters in storyline without loosing anything, and collect dark essence, maximize your power, well, and then you are the BADASS, Vendettas are pretty sweet too, offline, or online, they give you 4 characters and campaign or hit list to play, this is another few hours of fun..., different executions, different weapons, another with your friends, up to 4 player online, purchasing different talents for all four players, save in vendettas is good, you can replay all Vendettas missions offline, or online...what more to say...i loved it...