James Cameron , please will you raise the bar once more?

User Rating: 2 | The Dark Eye: Demonicon PC

Dear whoever reads this . After I've played/slept through Demonicon I can reassure you that you are not missing out of anything . Know that I am not going to bash on the game because its made for console , it works on pc too with a few modding of course . (sweet FX) . The reason this game is a failure is because I feel as it stole the mechanics from various other games and put it all together , ofc who wouldn't wanna see some great action +storyline+choices-consequences +gameplay , however you simply WILL NOT connect with any of these in the game . Furthermore it has quite a few bugs which makes me feel that the developers did not care to play this game more than once , I can understand them .

Now lets start dissecting this game . At the very beginning you're gonna be introduced to one of the most horrible voice acting courtesy of some guy called "John Robertson" who destroys the main caracther , as its ugly looking monkey face wasn't enough . After that you are introduced to the battle system which is horrible , parrying an enemy makes you vulnerable , so if you are facing two enemies then better not use parry . Can I use it vs bosses ? Nope , you cant parry vs bosses because you would only take dmg also 90% of the bosses have minions backing the up , so once again that is useless. You get an entire set of skills dedicated to improve parrying which blows my freaking mind .

Moving on you have 4 set of spells from which you are going to use two , freeze and speed aura . Now this is where one of my question comes . Why on earth would you refuse us to use that speed buff OUTSIDE OF COMBAT!!!!!!. Out of roughly 30-35 hours , 10 hours are spent from going to one corner of the city or whatever location , and then going back . THAT is torture , trust me . Screw this I'm not even going to talk more about combat since it was obviously neglected by the devs .

Storyline : not interesting what so ever and above all useless . You make a choice over a group of people , you get a short video segment , AND THEN YOU WILL NEVER AGAIN SEE THOSE PEOPLE AGAIN . Why do we have those choices if they dont affect the game what so ever .And most of all , which annoys me the most , the MOST of this game , is the final segment with Calandra . Of the great fking storyline . She interrogates you about your relationship , ONLY SO THAT ONE OF YOU CAN DIE AFTERWARDS.

Dear mods , dear devs , what is the point of that last segment between cairon and calandra if one of them are going to die OMFG. Please this game is so bad I could write about 2 times more if I wanted , but I wont , whats the point really ?

Conclusion :storyline crap , difficulty-it doesnt exist , played on"hard difficulty" and two spells were enough to faceroll over the enemies , graphics got glitches + bugs (you cant reach objects which are highlighted ) , skills are completely useless , the trading system is B R O K E N . Got 1000+ gold out of which , 150gold was the most expensive stuff i bought , EVERYTHING ELSE IS DROPPED from chests or given as a reward . The game tries to be funny , but so many aspects are screwed up that you wont be able to have one moment of joy in this game . I wish Calandra was the main character because her voice acting was quite good , but ofc you are stuck with a retard . And i'm not the person who likes to use this word to describe something , but lets be honest Cairon sounds like a retard .

Completely casual game , nothing stands out , NOTHING we have way better games on the market , this one needs to be deleted and forgotten .

I was thinking of giving it a 3/10 because you could "abuse " Calandra for running her mouth so much , but I dont care because I cant connect to any of those character .

Good concept badly realized . THE ONLY REASON you are getting 1 point from me is because you tried to bring back conversation options (copied of course from withcer and dragon age one ) but it didnt have any affect on the game .

I'm not sure if anyone is going to read me rambling here , its quite a long "description" of the game , but hey I could keep on going because its just SO BAD .