Circle of the Gods [spoiler]

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Can anyone help me with which tiles I should press and in which order?  I have looked around everywhere for clues but the best I have found is the mage who repeats Hesinde and has written it everywhere.  I am guessing this was the first stone I am supposed to press.  From there I am trying to use the numbers on the tablet I picked up to help me select 4 more tiles but none of the combinations I have tried are working.  I've been stuck here for days now and am finally throwing in the towel.

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You're definitely on the right track, but might've missed one important clue - if you right click on the various deities, one of them is described as being "first among gods". I'm sure you can work it out from there, but just for completions sake: Using the first among gods bloke as number one, the rest of them are numbered clockwise from him. Follow the tablets instructions, and you're there.