User Rating: 9.8 | The Curse of Monkey Island PC
This game is truly a classic. It includes puzzles, and great humor. Guybrush Threepwood, (the hero with a funny name) has found himself trapped at sea with no food, water, or just about anything else. As he is explaining his situation to everyone, he happens to flow into a battle between the evil zombie/ghost pirate LeChuck and Elaine Marley. This sets the pace for the funniest game you will ever play.

As the game progresses, you realize that the gameplay is flawless. You move your cursor over the item you wish to interact with, then click on it (simple so far) then hold down the button while choosing how you want to interact with it, talk, examine, use. Although this is dificult to get used to, as you progress in the game, you won't really notice it at all.

The graphics are great for the style they used. It looks cartoony, which is the feel of the game. 3D graphics would not be the best option for this game.

The sound in this game is, yet again, flawless. The music is great, the voice acting is great, and overall, there is no part of the sound I dislike.

This game has replay value beyond belief. I have beaten it 4 times and still go back again. This game has a good story, perfect gameplay, and the graphics are great. I have still not found any reason anyone wouldn't want to play this game again.