Amazing potential squadered... the culprit? Mindless quest grinding ala WoW

User Rating: 4 | The Chronicles of Spellborn PC
I was really looking forward to this game. Built on the Unreal 2.5 engine with large outdoor spaces and... woop Woop WOOP... an entirely skill based combat system.

Not just half assed spell clicks, but actual hand-eye coordination required for dodging. Combine that with a rotating combat thingy that sets you up with pre-selected spells, alot like Guild Wars, only because it rotates you have to figure in the potential for combo string choices (definite evolution from Guild Wars). Very smart design.

But that's where the 'smart' stops. Quests in general... from what I completed while I could stomach it... follow the mentality from World of Warcraft. Go rough up this npc then come back... go kill a certain number of npc beasts and come back. I've done it before, and you probably have as well. This unimaginative MMORPG trend bores the hell out of me.

They just made the game entirely free as I write this... no fees to pop you over any level caps, or allow you into subscriber restricted dungeons/zones... now the entire thing is free... but I just don't feel like it matters.

If you're a hardcore RPG'er and you find satisfaction in doing the stock standard WoW type quests yet again but with a genuine skill/tactic based combat system, this is going to be a 9/10 game for you.

If Guild Wars is your favourite, or you generally prefer games that require 100% skill (like FPS's and RPG's) you'll have the same reaction I've had: Nice idea for a combat system, but quest grinding... no thank you!

And yet you'll still admit this game STILL has amazing potential, just get rid of all the grind elements and it can be be salvaged... a simple though time consuming effort for the dev's and gm's

There are lots of other games to play, and I like to live my life away from the computer too... I'd have played this game regularly if it weren't for the grind... GRIND!!!