This remake of an instant classic is fantastic when coupled with a new exciting campaign and multiplayer content.

User Rating: 9 | The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena PC
Riddick AoDA is a game that is sure to please even the most die hard fps fans. Like its predecessor, it contains all the elements of a great fps with added elements of RPG and 3rd person plat-forming and adventure. Graphically it is not the technical masterpiece Escape from Butcher Bay was back in 2004, and there is plenty of nit-picking graphical gliches that you will notice including off lip-synching and textures popping out of character models and sometimes poor shadows in environment. Those aside Riddick AoDA is a great looking game by any standard.

Gameplay; Is still some of the most enjoyable fps action you can get, although it is in essences the same exact gameplay of 2004 with added animations and finishing melee moves. The stealth portion of the game is still incredibly satisfying and is the preferred rout to take when you play this game. The gunplay is also exceptionally well and the weapons are fun to shoot and feel powerful.

Sound: from the voice acting to the gunshots, it feels like your in the front row in a epic movie with crisp and clear audio from start to finish. Vin Diesel does another fantastic performance and without his voice the character would never seem believable. The NPCs in the game all have a unique voice and really helps immerse you into the Riddick universe. By and large the sound in this game is one of its high notes.

Graphics; As mentioned earlier, the graphics are decent but its no MGS4 or Killzone 2. With the 5 years they had in development I really wish they had ironed out at least the graphical glitches that were in the original game. Riddicks Eyeshine is particularly annoying, illuminated objects in a pitch black room to the point of blinding the player. also the range of Riddicks eye shine is rather short and still feels like your in the dark. All in all though the graphics are nice, and I enjoy the art style of the game.

Cons; I have had this game crash on my about 4 times in the short time I've spent with it. Dont know if it's a driver issue or what but all my drivers are up to date. Prehaps a patch will come soon to fix this problem, or maybe its just my setup. The crashes only seem to occur during the second campaign of the game.

Final Thoughts; With all this in mind, I would still recommend this game to anyone who wants to play a seriously engrossing and surprisingly deep game in the fps category. Riddick AoDA is not another Half-Life 2 where you play as a deaf-mute who stands idly by and lets people call the shots, no, Riddick is a seriously cool anti-hero and this is a game where YOU call the shots, and get rewarded accordingly.