"pure" fun and smiles all round!!

The 1st thing i'll say about this game is its good fun. At last sony are turning to what made all their other consoles a hit, good gaming. Were starting to see old favourites re surfacing with a complete make over. This is no exception, it looks gorgeous and plays with a certain excitement that only losing your virginity can compare to!! You are compelled to perform the next bigger stunt on the apex of each hill, but its so surreal and purely immersive you sometimes forget your racing too!!

This game has a very familiar feel to it with responsive, colourful sprites darting round the screen. It supports full online and multiplayer modes, but has a healthy selection of tracks in single player. With the option to create your own bike and racer, or let the ps3 do it for you, either way you have to win to increase parts on your bike, and eventually build a monster letting you ll fly round the tracks getting some serious air to perform special tricks. Just be careful to land the bike 1st and not you!!

If you want a game thats fast paced, immersive quad biking game, with lush graphics and 18, yes 18 players to compete on and off line, this is the game for you. If you want insane, crazy jumps through cliffs, lakes, sand dunes with stiff competition, buy this...

Yes this has been done before on most systems and they were pretty good, this isnt pretty good this is great fun with the appeal to crank up the pace and stunning looks of this game, some massive jumps, just dont look down!!