narnia is so easy if I was you i would not play it

User Rating: 7 | The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe PS2
if I was you I would not play this game it has been a complete waste so try this hold l1 down left +1 down right +1 up know what the beginning of the game was a lot harder also when you are running from mrs mecredy and all you have is a 1 min 30 secs go into the wardrobe well there is another part i can help you with when you are following aslin there will be things blocking youre path. there will also be a guard. break everything over there then go to the thing blocking youre path then press circle you should see a music note so now you can break it go to the music note then do the song also when tents are open use arrows to hit them down be carfull not to hit a guard and the music notes arent just in that spot by: jack hammer