From start to finish, this masterpiece of a game is a pure joyride.

User Rating: 9.7 | The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe PS2
What little hype there is, believe it when you see it. This game is simply amazing. It is very fun to play, the graphics are dazzling, and the sound is great. They even got the movie's cast to do the voiceovers. People say this game sucks, and they are dead wrong. You must buy if you're a C.S. Lewis fan, or just like beat-'em-ups or you're a casual gamer. It's a great game, and they didn't go wussy and get E10+. This game is Teen and it is well deserved. The fighting is great, the controls are great, the game looks like it's well made and polished, and I haven't found any glitches. This is a stable game, and you're going to love it from the start to the bitter end, this game leaves you wishing for more. You want more Narnia, and you want it now. You had so much fun killing those dwarves and wolves, you want more. The only thing I can find wrong with this wondrous game is the A.I. is a tad shoddy, but such a small mistake may be overlooked. I give this game a 9.7. Good job traveler's tales. I can only hope the movie is half as good, and if it is, it should be a box office smash. Good luck, Disney.