The Greatest Tatical Shooter Ever Made!!!

G.R.A.W is as intense as you would want from a shooter. The gameplay and graphics are the best to date. I am not sure how many changes they made from the potponed launch to the release date, but this game has come together beautifully.

Yes, the solo campaign as the best visuals to ever grace a shooting game. Although it is a very short campaing and an experienced gamer could run through the normal and hard diffuculty setting in about 1 week. So if you do not have Xbox live this game may be sort of like a rollercoaster. Fast, intense, tons of fun, and over way to fast. G.R.A.W alows you to play the maps with you own stratigic feel with non-linear disigns. The greatest moments in the game are when you are given controll of a group of Bradley tanks or a Black Hawk Helcopter. So chose you potion when you are in the midst of a gun fight. Of course these goods can be taken out with a dose of RPG's, so be careful. Third person and Classic Ghost recons view are available, so if (for you) its must be First Person you might want to stick with the Xbox version. Overall the 360 version of this game is a force, with slight hickups in the A.I., framrate, and sometimes the enviroments are all negligible.

If you have an Xbox 360 with xbox live this is a must have for your young child. The achivement in my opinion are the best yet and so is the live play. There are times online when the game with make everyones 360 freeze and you must reboot your 360. This is why making friends list is important.
The game would also drop players and can take sometime to get a game going. But these occurences were rare and didnt get me fustrated and any time. Make friends that are good hosts and you will never have a problem. This graphics to take a step back in the online side of the game but it feels right and still looks amazing. You have many modes to chose from and it will be a game to play online for months to come.