Totally underrated game.

User Rating: 9 | The Bureau: XCOM Declassified PC

The Bureau XCom Declassified brings some fresh air amongst the third person shooters. The story is simple: our planet is invaded by some aliens controlled by an entity called Origin. The aliens want to make our planet their home and start mind-controlling the people. The Bureau sought underground shelter and from there they want to strike back. Almost all the game you play as Carter, an agent, who has success with killing aliens and taking advantage of their skills. But he finds out he's controlled by Origin and in the end you have to kill him.

In the end you kill the entity and free the other aliens who, from then on, they will try to find a suitable planet for their needs.

The gameplay is fantastic: got the third-person perspective, no camera bugs, you have RPG skills you can improve and you got some terrific music.

Buy it and play it.