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What Gamespot Users have to say about The Binding of Isaac

  • User Rating 9

    Edward McMillen's contraction of Zelda and Spiritual Abuse is sheer brilliance.

    Rated on March 07, 2012 by TechnologoDoom

    Edward McMillen's The Binding of Isaac largely flew under the radar this past fall. With none of the fanfare of Super Meat Boy, in particular because of its PC-only release to Steam, however, it has q...

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  • User Rating 9

    Great value for money game, mixing good old awesomeness with an incredible (if a bit gory) religious themed cocktail.

    Rated on April 09, 2012 by Darth_Cloud

    If you are looking for a game that is characteristic of its era with polished design and step-to-step player friendly approach just keep looking. If on the other hand you find yourself missing tha...

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  • User Rating 8

    This amusingly outrageous game has surprisingly addictive gameplay, but has minor but many foibles and balance issues.

    Rated on April 15, 2012 by Gelugon_baat

    Team Meat is not one to shy from utilizing outrageous themes to embellish their games with. Perhaps, even those who have observed the founders of Team Meat for some time may have the impression that t...

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  • User Rating 9.5

    An addictive little game with a ton content

    Rated on June 08, 2012 by cjcrashoveride

    I've been playing Binding of Isaac with and without the DLC and it is possibly one of the most addicting game I've played in quite some time. At first glance it doesn't look much better than any other...

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  • User Rating 9

    Very addictive game!

    Rated on February 03, 2013 by justcause2w

    7.8 user score are you kidding me?!! This is so awesome game. It only costed like 2 euros 50 cents. In this game you don't have saves. Once you die, you must star the game from very beginning. But thi...

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  • User Rating 7.5

    Binding of Isaac is an unique adventure for those willing to die a lot.

    Rated on August 16, 2012 by Thortheus

    Binding of Isaac is a dungeon crawler that is completely random. You can get better at the game, but to beat it, you need some dumb luck. The most amazing thing is the variety of gameplay for such a...

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  • User Rating 8.5

    The binding of Isaac is truly a amazing original game!

    Rated on January 08, 2013 by jakecoe

    The binding of Isaac is about a little boy called 'Isaac'. The story begins when his mum has 'God' to tell her that she must get rid of Isaac. Isaac's mother tries to kill him, and he makes a quick ge...

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  • User Rating 7.5

    Although it gets off to a bad start, the charm and random nature certainly rewards perseverance

    Rated on August 15, 2013 by Ignition_jammy

    In The Binding of Isaac, you play as child named Isaac who has escaped to the basement to avoid his mother's sacrificial attempts to appease the voice of God. The basement happens to full of dangerous...

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  • User Rating 10

    Just perfect!

    Rated on October 01, 2011 by neolink_854

    THIS is something you don't see every day! A perfect addictive game that follows the theme of Abraham and Isaac and STILL feels right and wrong. Don't get me wrong though. When i mean wrong it's...

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  • User Rating 9

    Get RAGE, TROLL FACE, FOREVER ALONE and other craps around the internet and make a funny addictive game!!!

    Rated on September 30, 2011 by logodash

    Great game for just $4.50 bucks. You'll be bond to this for hours as you go getting lots of funny items, encountering new ridiculous and bizarre monsters, funny bosses and random Dungeons. The game...

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