I loved it. This game is very good. Especially if you like the Beatles!

User Rating: 9 | The Beatles: Rock Band PS3
I was overall very impressed with The Beatles: Rock Band.

The presentation is very good. Graphics are very pleasing and well done.

The music sounds awesome. Even blasting though your receiver and cranked right up.

Music set list is very good. There are some songs that make you scratch your head, wondering why they put that in, but most are all classics.

It plays very solid with no hiccups. Its ROCK BAND so you can expect the same fantastic game play.

In comparison with Rock Band 1, 2 or Guitar Hero series, it is a little on the easy side. No crazy solo's or impossible patterns. Just good old fun riffs and cords. Anybody that plays on Hard or Expert will blow through this game 1st time playing.

However this game is extremely fun, very informative of The Beatles's impressive career and highly recommended for any rhythm game lover. A must own, especially if you have any interest in The Beatles at all.