I was really excited for this game, but then disappointed..

User Rating: 6 | The Beatles: Rock Band PS3
I was really excited for this game. I really like the Beatles music and am a pretty good fan. Two things that disappointed me though was that the game only has 45 songs! Not to mention, I only liked about 15 of the songs, which for me was disappointing. Of the Beatles songs I like about 2/3 of their songs they made, it just so happen most of the songs they chose were from my 1/3...

Another kinda bad thing is that I'm generally someone who likes to play on expert, I'm an okay expert player and get like 90%'s. I found this game EASY, and I was getting 99% and 100%'s on many of the songs, including the ones that are SUPPOSED to be really hard.

I'd suggest renting this game first becuase it's EASY to unlock all the songs. And make sure you check that track list to see if you like the songs that are on there before purchasing. Really disappointed Beatles fan... The one plus is that the games videos and story mode are REALLY awesome. But, it doesn't go far with only 45 songs!