"All You Need is Love"

User Rating: 10 | The Beatles: Rock Band PS3
This game is awesome. I have played every single Guitar Hero game and Rock Band game cause I love music. I must admit before this game I wasn't too big of a Beatles fan before this game, but the beautiful visuals drew me in and I bought it. Now I can't stop playing this game. Sure it isn't a ton of songs, but they are all great songs. If you are a fan of good music, and a fan of rhythm games you should have this one, more than any other of them. This is probably one of the better games on the Xbox 360 as a whole, and best of all it just makes you happy, and it is just an extremely enjoyable experience to play.

-Gameplay = 9.5 (It works perfect, but I wish it had easier to see hammer ons/ pull offs like in Guitar Hero)

-Graphics = 10 ( The visuals are just incredible in this game and it draws you in)

-Creativity = 10 (They took a tried and tested formula, but added a lot to it with visuals and harmonies.)

-Length = 9 (Sure it is only 48 songs, but they are all AWESOME songs unlike in other games, plus some of the achievements take quite a while to gain.)

-Extra Material = 8 (There are a lot of videos, audio tracks, and photos from the Beatles. But I think they could have added more documentary type material and other things to truly make it a Beatles experience.)