You say you want a revolution, well... this is it.

User Rating: 9.5 | The Beatles: Rock Band PS3
I must start by saying I'm a huge Beatles fan since I was 8, I'm 24 now, so It's hard for me to make a review without being bias, but I will try my best.

The Beatles: Rock Band turns into a Magical Mystery Tour as soon as you start playing Story Mode. As everyone knows by now, you play through The Beatles history... in 45 songs, which sounds like too little when you think about all the great songs they had, but once you play through the game and find out the huge amount of unlockable content you stop thinking of which songs you can't play (by now).

Graphics are just awesome. I followed every single video posted in The Beatles Pre-Order Club web page, so I thought I knew what to expect, I was glad to find out I had no idea of all the great job they had made with the visuals. It's just great too finish up a Chapter just to get to see the cinematic that will take you to the next chapter, and let me tell you, getting to watch the last animation right after Chapter 8 is just so worth it.

I loved the details in the game, listening to The Beatles rehearsing in the studio the song you are about to play right before it starts is pretty nice, repeating a song just to hear one of The Beatles saying "Take 2" is kind of fun, and I must say I really appreciated the Rock Band's Team note in the Instruction manual, it just shows so much respect for The Beatles and The Beatle's fans.

Unlockables make the difference between any other Rock Band/GH game and The Beatles : Rock Band, if you are not a fan you'll learn a lot about them, and if you are a fan you'll just love everything that this game has to offer.

If you are a Beatles fan trying to decide if it's worth buying it, think no more, you must have this. If you are not a Beatles fan, you can find this game pretty entertaining, amazing graphics, cool extra content and excellent lyrics and music will please you as far as you are not clung to Guitar Hero or to the idea that modern music is the only music we should listen to.

The Beatles were a revolution, find out why.