An interactive documentary of the Fab Four and their unmistakable legacy. One word: timeless.

User Rating: 9.5 | The Beatles: Rock Band PS3
If I am ever asked what 'my favorite band of all time' is, 99.9% of the time I will NOT say 'The Beatles'. However, if I am asked what 'the greatest band of all time' is, 99.9% of the time I will say 'The Beatles'. It almost goes without saying.

Why? The Beatles go so far beyond their catchy tunes, and crowd-pleasing stage presence. The Beatles changed it all, and left a irreplaceable mark on the music industry, that will never be removed. The Beatles: Rock Band game is the same for the rhythm game industry.

Each song has individually crafted video to match the mannerisms on each member, and the overall essence of the song. From the underground days of singing 'Twist and Shout' at The Cavern Club to the psychedelic performances of latter hits such as 'Here Comes the Sun', the presentation of each song is astounding.
Honestly, I sometimes felt the urge to stop playing guitar JUST to watch the video in the background.

The gameplay is consistent with the rest of the Rock Band series. Guitar play is noticeably easier. However, the ability to use 3 microphones in 'vocal harmony' makes up for it. If you feel unchallenged by the expert difficulty, you have the option to throw on a headset and sing for yourself (in addition to your lead singer).

With only 45 songs, the game's story mode is only 8 chapters. This is quite short compared to the "story" modes garnered by the massive set-lists of Guitar Hero 5 and Rock Band 2. Despite this short size, the game has so much more quality to its music and presentation, that you hardly notice. Not to mention, unlockable challenges and photographs add extra value to the game. Downloadable content will also add additional activity to the game (for a fee, of course).

Without any doubt, The Beatles Rock Band is the greatest rhythm game since Parappa The Rapper. It even eclipses that to become the greatest rhythm game ever. Period.

Nuff' said.