The same old...with a twist (and shout..or yawn).

User Rating: 7 | The Beatles: Rock Band PS3
Well you knew it was coming. And now it's here. I won't bore you with the details....the game will do that. Ok, that was mean. But, seriously, anyone who has played Rockband or Guitar Hero has already played this or knows what to expect. Same game, just set to the music of the Beatles.

Short set. Only 43 songs. I played half of them within 2 hours. Graphics are cool as are the unlocked prizes you get when you obtain enough photos (achieving 3 or 5 stars in performing a song.) You do get to harmonize on vocals...haven't that yet. Drummer here and the songs on medium are pretty monotonous. Granted, I wasn't the biggest Beatle fan out there, but I do enjoy the music.

If you aren't a fan of the Beatles, I don't know if you'll enjoy this game. With the other Rockband games, there is more variety in the music, in developing your character. It's visually appealing, but not very satisfying.