A fantastic journey through fantastic music.

User Rating: 9.5 | The Beatles: Rock Band PS3
I've been a fan of the Beatles a long time (who isn't right?), and that being said, everyone's expectations were high for this game. Yet they seem to have exceeded my expectations! The visuals are perfect and make the game amazing. The intro to the game was fun to watch and crazy trippy. (Harmonix, in my opinion, always has great intros when compared to GH) The rewards for getting more stars on each song is pretty cool, since no one has really seen many of the photos they show before. It's not the most challenging rock band, as a matter of fact it's arguably the easiest Rock band game yet. However there are some challenging songs, and Ringo's drumming can be difficult. Yet your not going to buy this game expecting a big challenge, you buy it to enjoy some of the best music ever in a way you've not experienced before. You'll be more immersed into it now than ever.

Overall, they've done a really fantastic job. However i fear that many will not enjoy this game because those who only listen to mainstream music nowadays will not appreciate fully the genius that is the Beatles, and unfortunately there are too many people like that. Not saying mainstream music is bad, although i'd argue 90% of it is garbage, just saying it's very different from the Beatles.

So in closing, die hard Beatles fans absolutely need this game. New Beatles fans will enjoy it though.